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Zim Knits!


I'm new to this place.. I'm 22, and have never spun before though I enjoy knitting a bunch.. Recently I've been reading alot about spinning/ seeing people's attempts at that and dying roving/ yarn and have gotten really interested..

On a side note, a small question for you all ( Yes I googled this, and came up with a few links but most were outdated and not filled with the info I am asking, so I'm hoping someone with the knowledge/ opinion will share with me :) )

I know some people like to use angora bunny fur to spin.. What other bunny fur do people like to use?

Also I've seen some people talking about using various dog/ cat fur to spin.. My question to you is.. Has anyone tried using poodle, or some sort of long haired soft cat fur before? Mixed with something? And how has that turned out?

Oh and one last thing, how do people decide pricing on say... Angora fur.. ( I know this is hard to spin with, I'm definitly not going to try with this for a long time but I was thinking the other day about getting a bunny and.. hmm ) Does it go by the ounce? Does it depend on Pedigree?

Sorry for the "newbiesque" questions but I appreciate it! I definitly look forward to seeing more of your beautiful work :)


I didn't see anything in these community guidelines about xposting, so I did in 3 places, sorry!
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