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Spin Spin Sugar

Last night, the silk roving I had order forever ago finally came in the mail. I'm still getting the hang of the drop spindle, but I wanted to play with a fiber other than wool. I like the wool, I look forward to playing more with the wool, but last night I played with silk and had a good time. I spun and dyed honey colored tussah roving.

This is what resulted:

Silk Skein Silk Skein

There's only twenty yards, because I wanted to get some feedback from more experienced spinners.... Since I'm not sure what it's supposed to look like. *grin* I dyed it, just for the heck of it. Since it started out honey colored, the pink and orange came out very warm.

Close Up Close Up

There's a little bit of a thick thin texture, because I've been playing with different methods of drafting. That and I want to remember how to do thick and thin, since that's the yarn I really like best.

The dye (Procion MX) took well, but I think I'm going to overdye it to intensify the colors.... I was in a rush last night to see how it turned out and I took the yarn out of the dye bath far too soon!

Skein Worms! Skein Worms!

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